Brotherly Love and How to Try the Spirits and Repentance…

Men – The Dwelling Place of God
(The Spirit gives the grace)


HOW TO TRY THE SPIRITS…Our relation to and our attitude toward our fellow Christians is another accurate test of our relationship with Christ.Sometimes an earnest Christian will, after some remarkable spiritual encounter, withdraw himself from his fellow believers and develop a spirit of fault finding. He may be honestly convinced that his experience is superior, that he is now in an advanced state of grace, and that the hoi polloi in the church where he attends are but a mixed multitude and he alone a true son of Israel. He may struggle to be patient with these religious worldlings, but his soft language and condescending smile reveal his true opinion of them-and of himself.This is a dangerous state of mind, and the more dangerous because it can justify itself by the facts. The brother has had a remarkable experience; he has received some wonderful light on the Scriptures; he has entered into a joyous land unknown to him before. And it may easily be true that the professed Christians with whom he is acquainted are worldly and dull and without spiritual enthusiasm. It is not that he is mistaken in his facts that proves him to be in error, but that his reaction to the facts is of the flesh. His new spirituality has made him less charitable….The Apostle John makes love for our fellow Christians to be a test of true faith. (I John 3:18, 19). As we grow in grace we grow in love toward all God’s people. All true Christian experience will deepen our love for other Christians. Therefore we conclude that whatever tends to separate us in person or in heart from our fellow Christians is not of God, but is of the flesh or of the devil.(from “Men – The Dwelling Place of God” by A.W Tozer)

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